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Residential Curbside Trash Removal

streetCurrently servicing all of Springfield, Battlefield, Marshfield and Republic Missouri. Hometown Disposal can accommodate your weekly curbside collection of trash and recyclables. Call us today, (417) 869-9393, to experience the service you deserve at an affordable rate.

Curbside Trash Removal – Hometown Disposal provides an easy to use 96-Gallon cart for your disposal needs.  In addition to the cart we allow up to two additional kitchen size bags each week. Please refer to our Non-Accepted Materials for items that may not be picked up.

We cannot take hazardous materials such as; paint, motor oil, chemicals, tires, car batteries, other like materials or yard waste.

*Customers retain title to all property, including waste, hauled by Hometown Disposal and agrees to pass title to such property the owner of the ultimate location to which the property is hauled.