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Commercial Waste Disposal Units and Information

Hometown Disposal offers customized collection frequencies and services for all your commercial needs. Please call 417.869.9393 today to have an experienced consultant evaluate your dumpstercommercial waste needs.

Commercial Units Available:

  • Two Yard Rear Load – 78″ wide/45″ deep
  • Three Yard Rear Load – 78″ wide/78″ deep
  • Four Yard Rear Load – 78″ wide/80″ deep
  • Six Yard Rear Load – 78″ wide/120″ deep
  • Eight Yard Rear Load – 78″ wide/ 132″ deep

*Customers retain title to all property, including waste, hauled by Hometown Disposal and agrees to pass title to such property the owner of the ultimate location to which the property is hauled.